Mega Man Legacy Collection: Mega Man 2

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150905124648

One of my absolute favorite games of all time is Mega Man 2. We will eventually do a podcast for the game. I was pretty psyched for the new collection on the PS4. I jumped right into MM2.

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150904175424

25 years later, this is still one of the most frustrating parts of Mega Man 2. It took me about 10 tries to get it right, but eventually I got it.

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150904180002

Back in the day, games like MM2 and Final Fantasy which required you to go back through some, or all, of the major bosses of the game was such a cool idea.

Mega Man Legacy Collection_20150905124237

BUBBLES. It took a few tries but I remembered the key to beating Dr. Wily. I cannot wait to do a podcast about this game. I have plenty to say.

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