I have been playing video games since the mid 1980s. As a child, video games were often one of my only creative outlets that I hide with because of some of the terrible things happening in my real life. I was an avid computer gamer and then moved to consoles for the NES and onwards. The general idea behind the podcast is to be able to not only discuss the episode’s topical game, but also the events in my life surrounding it. At times there may be some frank discussion of real life issues because I connect a lot of games to those events as they were my coping mechanism.

The current format for the show goes something like this:

  • Opening segment with some initial thoughts and discussion of our previous coverage of the game or series, the plot, and magazine coverage that I remember for it.
  • My own memories of the game. I try to slip in the audio of a commercial if I can find it.
  • Some further thoughts on the game in regards to aesthetics, music, and where/how the game has been reissued.
  • An analysis of my most recent play of the game.