Best Town Themes Mix

The first town theme we will examine in this episode is the remixed version of Corneria’s theme from Final Fantasy Origins. This was part of the PS1 collections that Square put together which included Final Fantasy I, II, IV, V, V, and Chrono Trigger is updated, some more successful than others, ways. The new version of the first Final Fantasy game is a fine version of it, I played through it sometime around then, but I think what really stands out is the updated soundtrack. You will spend a lot of time in Corneria and this version of its theme is rather lovely.


I began a replay of Earthbound during spring break this year and one of the things that really struck me is how amazing the soundtrack to this game is….Retronauts did an episode all about it a few years ago. We have played other tracks from Earthbound on other mix tape episodes before, but for this one we are going to play the Twoson theme. I love this track so much…it reminds me of a cross between SNES Sim City and Animal Crossing.

I am looking forward to doing a playthrough of Sword of Vermillion for the podcast in the future. This game has an excellent soundtrack and this theme for one of the towns you travel to is no exception.

I spoke at great length in our episode about Sim City in regards to the games amazing soundtrack. The village theme is the one that stands out the most to me. This is such a calm, relaxing, track and normally it doesn’t play for long as your city is growing, but I listen to it often.

Phantasy Star III’s town theme has a very pretty melody that I associate very deeply with the Genesis. The tone of this track sounds so much like a lot of games on that system. Does that make sense? This is a wonderful game and I am going to be doing a replay of it for the podcast this summer.

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