Episode XLV: Mega Man VI

It took a few tries to get this episode recorded, but here we are! There may be a few minor audio glitches because Audacity was very uncooperative while I was editing and recording. Mega Man VI is a solid improvement over the last few games in this series, but still not near the absolute heights of it. Join me, won’t you, to discuss the game and my concerns about robotkind in the Mega Man universe. At the end of this episode, there is some discussion of our Extra Life campaign and some of the new, upcoming, Patreon goals I am going to introduce soon.

The background music for this episode’s mailbag is from Lunar: The Silver Star. The break music is from Final Fantasy IV.

I am streaming Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes other days on Twitch. Monday night is RPG Night. Currently we are streaming Suikoden II. Wednesday is a retro game of my choice. This week we will be streaming Castlevania Chronicles. Friday I sometimes stream newer games in the afternoon. Currently we are streaming Octopath Traveler.

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