“Every Team In FIFA15” Cup

The last few years, I have done an “every” team in FIFA tournament. The first year was won by Real Madrid. I did 32 brackets of 16 teams, with the winners of each bracket heading to the final 32, which then basically breaks down into a group stage and then knockout round of 16 teams. Here are the 32 qualifiers for FIFA15…

  1. Borussia Dortmund (Won my annual cup for the demo)
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Sunderland
  4. Sporting KC
  5. Arsenal
  6. Marseille
  7. West Ham
  8. Besiktas
  9. Granada
  10. Montpellier
  11. Everton
  12. Vitesse
  13. Southampton
  14. Lokomotiv
  15. Manchester United
  16. Leicester City
  17. Liverpool
  18. As Monaco
  19. PSV
  20. Shakhtar
  21. Sevilla
  22. Celta Viga
  23. Yeovil Town
  24. Rayo Vallecano
  25. Sporting Lisbon
  26. Fiorentina
  27. Inter Milan
  28. Trapani
  29. FC Porto
  30. CD O’Higgins
  31. Benfica
  32. Bari

Yeah, so a few shockers on there right? Some big names got upset in their brackets like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City, which cleared the path for lucky clubs like Yeovil Town and Trapani (who won all four games in their bracket in penalties!) to get into the final 32.

I have begun setting up this year’s tournament. I took the 32 group winners and made them top seeds in the new brackets. I then add each league’s teams based on the number of clubs who won per league (in reserve order). So that ends up being…

  1. England 8
  2. Spain 4
  3. France 3
  4. Italy 3
  5. Portugal 3
  6. Netherlands 2
  7. Serie B 2
  8. Germany 1
  9. USA 1
  10. Turkey 1
  11. Russia 1
  12. Extra Teams 1
  13. League One 1
  14. Chile 1

I normally play a bracket on Friday afternoons when I get home from work. Last year I was live streaming them and hopefully I will do that again this year.

FIFA 15 a Tournament (In Menus)

The final bracket

Who won the whole thing? In the final match, Liverpool defeated Sporting Lisbon 2-0. Both clubs advanced to the final after defeating clubs like Benfica, West Ham, Real Madrid, and Manchester United.

FIFA 15 a Tournament (In Menus)

Mario Balotelli was the player of the tournament.

Liverpool were pretty dominant in their bracket and then in the final 32. With Balotelli up front, they can get the ball into him and put a ton of pressure on the opposing club’s defense. They were quite dominant in a down year during real life.

I will begin this year’s tournament right after FIFA16 comes out. Updates will be forthcoming.

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